Raison d’être

by camillarts

Contemplating the reason one’s existence usually takes many alcoholic beverages a long night in the pub and plenty of friends. Happily for this little blog it took a cup of tea and two and a half bourbons (the latter half disintegrated into the tea, so even though it was technically consumed was no longer, technically a bourbon).

The reason for this site is simple – to look at everything LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and every other machination of sexuality) that exists within theatre. For now, we’re just focussing on Edinburgh Festival 2013 – maybe we’ll conquer the world some other day, but we might need some help for that.

You can find here listings of LGBT goings on and writings which look at the the people, the history and the issues behind those plays. Interesting stuff. We hope you agree.

If you have some time, care about spreading LGBT awareness, can write good and are inquisitive, then helping us out could be the right thing to do.

Get in touch. We look forward to meeting you.